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Development Path

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1947 Qingdao First Chemical Plant was built up;
1999 After reform, Qingdao First Chemical Plant was changed into QINGDAO HAIJING CHEMICAL(GROUP) CO., LTD, which is engaged in production of PVC, Caustic soda, Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid and so on, about one dozen of Organic and inorganic products;
2010 QINGDAO HAIJING CHEMICAL (GROUP) CO., LTD Relocation Updated Transforming Project was launched;
2011 QINGDAO HAIJING CHEMICAL (GROUP) CO., LTD Signed the contract for its patented technologies with INEOS---A world well-known Manufacturer, to import its sophisticated VCM/PVC patent technologies;
2012 Relocation project was started up step by step;
2013 QINGDAO HAIJING CHEMICAL (GROUP) CO., LTD was settle down in the ninth National New Area of China----Qingdao West Coast New Technical Area, driving speedily in the synchronous development high way with this times.



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